Philippines - farmer and caribou plowing rice fields

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Illocos Norte, Philippines

Simple Life in the Philippines - rice fields

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Signed prints available for purchase. Contact

Taken on Maui, Iao valley

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My friend Irie Child taken @ Stone Age's World Peace Day, LB

No Kea Cruiser, Long Beach

Flyer design

Anyone know what band this is?

Photos taken at Key Club, LA

A pic of me supporting the Peace Project, taken aby Azul @ Mochilla's/ Quantic "Tradition in Transition" after party, after the premier at the Downtown Independent Theater in LA.

Tradition in Transition: A Postcard from Cali (TRAILER) from Quantic on Vimeo.

Wailing Souls

Wailing Souls - Key Club

Run Down @ Key Club

Check out Run Down!

In the beginning there was music. And music is always good. God brought forth Joven from Maui, singing and playing his ukulele. And it was damn good! Joven would dazzle the masses with his amazing voice and the sweet sounds of his ukulele. The demand was great for Joven to sing and play. Every where he went he was asked entreat all with sounds of love and love lost from Hawaii. A day came when Joven was asked to play more than the occasional house party. He as asked to play for UCI’s Hawaiian Club’s Annual Luau. Joven wanting to put on a great performance enlisted the help of his friend Mike to accompany him on bass. Mike at the time new to playing bass, was hesitant to play, but getting a chance to play with Joven was a great more here

Unit A1 TV | Stone Age Mag's World Peace Day

Humble Soul + Ground Up + Beatrock

Dirty Kitsen' Designs - Tee Design for Charity

Maui Team Charity Walk for Autism
Autism Speaks, Anaheim
Angels Stadium

Guerrilla Jazz & Jayp P, Maui

Maui Slam Poetry

It's been awhile since I've seen PYRO hit up! Last time I remembered seeing him was the last coupla years of highschool. We would get the crew together and have a black book session, sketch, exchange insights, talk about hiphop and what we could do to make things good. At the time there was a hiphop shop in Maui Market Place called "The Vault," where you could buy tips and international graff mags. Before it closed down a sweet guy from the shop hooked me up with a bag thins and fats and that was the last of it. Ahhhh the amount of time I spent on and my obsession with DAIM's melting 3D letters and MISS VAN's yummy characters. It's nice to smell fresh paint again...

The LIvin' Room - Goldawn, Kahala, Indio

The Livin' Room - Guerrilla Jazz

Dirty Kitsen' Designs

Guerilla Jazz, Maui

Guerrilla Jazz first album "Everywhere but Now" is out and ready to hit your eardrum. Chef Strum on the uke, Quest Eons on vocals and rhymes, Doc P on drum and bass and Amphibeus Tung's Beau Sun appearing on a coupla tracks. This is fresh local grown music manifested right here in Maui.

Dirty Kitsen' Designs - Flyer for Ope's Birthday Bash in Paia, HI

Cali Cush & Maui Wowie Tour

illustrations fresh from the Dirty Kitsen'!

scribbling at Starbucks with washable markers on recycled newsprint...

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Cookie Design Box

Some ideas on a Cookie Box Packaging for Sarnoff Legal Technologies.
The last image was chosen for final production.

Contains homemade cookies..mmm mmm.

Newspaper Ads

Picked up some part time building advertisements for a weekly shopper in L.A.

Illistrator art

Illustrator pen tool + paths.

I love this design and color scheme.

Poster design

a movie size poster I created for a student project in is food, mix n' blend and toasty beats! Poster would promote Lootpack's Box Set, a hiphop group I used to listen to alot in high school.

Dirty Kitsen' Designs - Flyer design for 808 Connects, Maui

Event Info
808 Connects & Hi Team Sports
Hiphop Gathering
July 4, 2008
Kalama Park
Kihei, Maui

flyer design

flyer design for Elements of the Outer Realm
Check them out at: